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Beautiful, gigantic, loving kitties with huge personalities 

Our Maine Coons were chosen from premier catteries in Europe and the United States for size, health, disposition and beauty- they have huge hearts and are amazing family pets ❤️.  We have echocardiograms completed on all our adults as well as DNA.  They live in our home, sleep on our beds and are loved family members-   

All of our adult kitties have had extensive echocardiograms and DNA completed to determine the optimum health and genetics of all of our Maine Coons.  They live in our home and have extensive catios outside with access to the home anytime they choose.  The catios run the entire length of our home and have toys, houses to sleep in, small trees, and a water feature.  Our kitties are given the best quality kibble, canned and raw food for optimal nutrition and health.  

Kittens are loved and socialized every day by adults as well as grandkids.  They are a naturally people loving breed but having extensive socialization from birth onward makes them wonderful family pets!

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