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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn & Joy in Every Day

Hello!  I am Michele and my husband Mike and I run a full service horse farm where we raise AQHA Champion Reining Horses as well as Champion and Grand Champion Maine Coons.  We have loved animals as long as we can remember and find great happiness in raising them.  We provider the best care possible for our animals and ensure they have an excellent quality of life too.  Our kitties live in our home and enjoy 1400 square feet all to themselves as well as huge catios attached to the house that run length of it.  The catios have climbing boards all the way to the top and we have numerous bird feeders lined up so they can watch birds at their leisure.  I started off doing rescue as I worked on a Crisis Team and often found kittens in dumpsters in the course of my duties.  I was much younger then and often climbed inside dumpsters to rescue tiny babies doomed to be crushed by the garbage truck and bring them home.  After changing to a Program Manager for Behavioral Health program I no longer found babies to rescue.  I have always loved Maine Coons for their sweet personalities and beauty and missed raising babies and eventually started raising them. Having babies and kitties to nurture gives me such happiness and I enjoy matching them with the perfect pet parents.  In my spare time when I am not working or caring for my fur family I love to garden and am also a published author.  You won't find me as I write under a pen name for safety's sake.  Enjoy our website and let me know if I can answer any questions.   Have a wonderful day .& God bless...

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