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Our Cat Show Story

When we started out my husband never would have guessed how much time and work goes into a cat show lol.  The cat shows are also very competitive with the best of the best cats competing for titles and points.  It wasn't until I had booked a half dozen shows and hotels that he realized he was going on a new adventure regardless if he liked it or not.  :)   Mike is an introvert so it wasn't easy for him to assimilate into the huge crowds that come to experience the dozens of breeds at a cat show.  The people who run the cat shows and other participants are wonderful to work with and we found that we enjoyed learning about the other participants, their breed of cats and making friendships. You won't find a better group of people than those at the cat shows. They are passionate about their breed and have a deep love for all of their kitties.   Back to Mike, after the first show he found his niche and really enjoyed showing off our kitties and spending time with visitors.  Mike's competitive side soon came out as we cleaned up at the shows and won it all.  In all fairness I did buy exceptional kitties that would be difficult to beat in a show arena.  The days are long and tedious but we so enjoy going and spending time with other animal lovers.  We have made some good friends and our kitties absolutely love to go!  They are in their element being admired and held by hundreds of spectators each day.   We hope that you will come and visit us at one of the shows and see our beauties at work. There are many wonderful breeds to experience and many more exceptional owners showing off their beautiful fur babies!   

Fun at the cat shows!

We attend most of the shows in the PNW and also travel out of state to show.

We started out raising and showing Reining Horses and have discovered we love showing cats!  Our fur babies love to show and meet and greet as many visitors as possible and also they love to travel and stay in hotels!  Each show is a tremendous amount of work as each cat must be washed 3 times and dried, combed maticulously and the packing and set up takes many, many hours.  We are up washing and drying cats until early the next morning then up after a couple hours of sleep to make the drive to the show.  In the end it is worth it and we always have a good time.  We want to offer kittens that have proven parents that exceed the breed standards.


Spring 2024 Cat Shows

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