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Kitten pricing 

Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed in the world and also the most popular.  They not only have large, beautiful bodies but also huge personalities.  They are full of love, fun and gentleness.  A lot goes into raising these kittens.  It starts with their parents.  We spend months developing their bodies, coats and minds and once they are in excellent condition we then travel with them to shows.  Once they have achieved their maximum show potential (these shows are full of the best Maine Coons in the USA and abroad- people fly in their Champion cats from all over) and passed all the medical testing they require then we plan for kittens.  Once the kittens are born, we assist mom with keeping beds clean, supplying her with constant fresh food and water and ensuring her well-being.  Much of the time, we end up assisting mom with bottle feeding her babies around the clock.  New moms, or moms with large litters, require support feeding and caring for their little babies.   I have spent countless nights up every 2 hours feeding and caring for babies.  As they reach 4 to 5 weeks old they usually require a good deal of support with bottle feeding as mom's milk dries up.  Raising kittens is a lot of work and takes devotion to get them to weaning age.  Not only do we provide for their physical needs but we love and nurture them from day 1. By the time they are ready to go home with you they have bonded with people and are ready to shower their new family with love. 

Pricing consideration is done according to color, type, polydactyl, overall show quality (pet or show/breeding) and pedigree.  Our kittens start at $2500 for a silver or smoke colored baby or one with extreme type (face, muzzle and ears) and $2000 for other kittens.  By extreme type we mean they are show quality in type and appearance.  If you look at other catteries you will see that our prices are among the lowest and our cats superb quality.  The prices for a prospective breeding kitten is $6000 and we are very careful where they go.  

There is a contract  to spay and neuter your new baby by 6 months old and registration papers will be give once that is done.  We ask for $1000 down to hold a kitten.  If you chose to reserve a kitten before they are born you will get first pick of the babies.   We have happy customers from many years and always have repeat families take home additional babies or refer their friends and families.  We look forward to helping you make your dream of having a precious Maine Coon come true.  Babies come with shots, worming and started on Revolution Plus.    They go home with a care package of Royal Canin "Mama & Baby Cat dry and canned, toys, and a harness/leash.  We maintain two waiting lists.  The first one is based on those who have placed a deposit, and then after all those families have chosen their special kitten, we then notify famililies on the other waiting list.


Maine Coon

There is no sweeter, more loving cat than a Maine Coon.  They are full of love and personality and unlike any can you have ever known.  Once you have one you will see what all the fuss is about.  


We value or customers

We will do all we can to support you after you take your new baby home. I am always available for questions and always love to keep in touch with the families.  I have made some amazing friends in my journey of raising Maine Coons.  

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